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Amazon Product Description

Do you have products listed on Amazon – The biggest online shopping portal?
But are they lacking to bring in any conversions?

If yes, it’s time you must invest in quality Amazon product description writing services. Your online D2C business could significantly benefit from using the expertise of an Amazon product description writer. Content Acai’s professionally trained product writers are adept at capturing an online customer’s and crawler’s attention with the appropriate combination of keywords and creative content.

Our team of seasoned writers ensure that your product’s descriptions are persuasive enough to convert your viewers into buyers thanks to years of experience and compelling writing pieces that convert.

Our 100% human-crafted content has the power to entice and influence the purchasing decision of readers. We do not merely play with fancy words, but back up our content with in-depth research, facts and statistics.

If you too wish to take full advantage of the biggest shopping portal, take advantage of our Amazon Product Description writing services today!

Why Brands Rely On Us

Amazon SEO is a bit challenging and it’s best to hire professionals to reap the maximum benefits. Our Amazon product description writers, are all familiar with the Amazon algorithm and have a history of success in their field. Popular brands trust us for their Amazon product description writeups from us for the following reasons:

  1. Experienced and niche-specific writers
  2. 100% Human and SEO-friendly content
  3. Quick turnaround time
  4. 2-Step quality check
  5. A dedicated program manager
  6. Budget-friendly

Importance Of Leveraging Professional Amazon Product Description Writing Services For Your Brand

Impacts Your Amazon's Search Results

A great product description with the right keywords results in better search results according to Amazon’s algorithm. To make your product visible on the first page, it is important to create clear and concise descriptions as most visitors never scroll past the first page of Amazon’s search results.

Improves Overall Clients Experience

You’re also more likely to please customers, reduce returns, and garner more favourable Amazon reviews if you give customers all the information they require prior to completing an order.

Our Process

Our writers draft a real deal content and stick to a process to deliver you the best quality content:
  1. We start by building an in-depth understanding of your product.
  2. Learn about the target audience.
  3. List out the special features and benefits of your product.
  4. Analyse competitors’ product descriptions.
  5. Prepare a first draft keeping in mind the tonality of the brand, using the right set of keywords and an effective Call-to-Action(CTA).
  6. Check for plagiarism.
  7. Our editor proofreads all the content.
  8. On being finalised, the final product description is shared with you over email.
With professionally written Amazon product descriptions, you can improve your product ranking on Amazon and can persuade potential buyers to add your product to the shopping cart. Have questions or want to get the content writing services started? Get in touch with us at