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Article Writing

Content Acai offers high-quality article writing services tailored to your D2C brand in India. We help online businesses and e-commerce brands reach their target audiences, build a strong online presence, and increase website traffic. We help Indian D2C brands establish a reputation as a trusted source of information through 100% human-written, well-researched content. We have experienced writers who have written for hundreds of lifestyle D2C brands in India. As a result, brands can reach their target audiences and increase their online presence. We provide articles based on thorough research, which are professionally written and delivered on time. Stay stress-free by outsourcing your content writing to us, India’s most trusted content agency for D2C brands.

Importance of Article Writing Services for D2C & E-Commerce brands

The most effective way to establish your D2C brand as a leader in a particular niche is by having well-researched articles on your e-commerce website.

Quality Article writing services help gain users’ trust and boost search engine rankings leading to high-traffic on your site. Our Content Acai expert article writers can ensure that businesses’ website content is engaging, informative, and search engine-friendly.

D2C brands in India rely on us for article writing. Here is why:

Relevance & Quality

Our company has an expert team in writing for beauty, fashion, kids, FMCG, etc. So far we have written 2000+ articles for beauty and skincare brands in India. And more than 1000 articles for kids brands in India.


Content Acai (a Digi Acai subsidiary) gets all the SEO support needed to make our content writing services completely search-friendly. A team of SEO experts at Digi Acai provides and reviews our content structures, topics, and keywords. Around 200 articles from our clients rank in answer boxes. Whoa!


Delivering your content on time is one of our top priorities. As a team, we work hard until we meet all our deadlines. We don’t remember a day in the last three years when we made our clients wait for content writing deliveries. On time all the time!


Our prices are fair. There is no hidden fee. Long-term profits are more important to us than short-term gains.

Our Article Writing Process

  • We send you a questionnaire
  • Based on your answers, we create separate content briefs including keywords suggestions.
  • Once content briefs are approved by the client, we get the research and writing started
  • After writing, editing process starts
  • Final contents are shared with the client on Google drive or email
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