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Product Description Writing

The product descriptions on e-commerce websites are brief descriptions that inform visitors about the features, benefits, and advantages of a product or service. It is important for product descriptions to be engaging, informative, and tailored to the audience’s needs.

Content Acai, a trusted content writing agency for D2C brands, has a dedicated team of product description writers. Our writers provide brief and enhanced product descriptions for newly launched and established D2C brands in India.

Importance of writing product descriptions

Be different from your competitors

Professionally written, detailed product descriptions will help you stand out from the competition. Details such as size, features, benefits, and other relevant information can help users better understand the product and increase conversions.

Tap Long Tail Keywords

Unique product descriptions improve rankings for long-tail keywords. This also helps to increase the chances of appearing in organic search results. Additionally, long tail keywords are typically less competitive, so it can be easier to rank for them.

Increase in conversion rate

Unique product descriptions boost sales by providing all the necessary information to make a purchase. Also this leads to an increase in trust, as customers feel more confident about their purchase. Additionally, product descriptions can also increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Content Acai Process of writing product descriptions for e-commerce

Necessary information

A well-written product description should have all the information like features, benefits, target user etc. For example, if you are selling a table lamp, the product description should have details like dimensions, material, shape, weight, colour and more.

Relevant keywords

Do a preliminary keyword research and include some long-tail keywords in the descriptions. This helps get additional sales from high-converting long keywords.

Add some actionable words

Having actionable words on your website can help to increase conversions. You should make sure to use words that will encourage visitors to take action, such as “order now”, “get started”, and “sign up”. These words should be clear and direct to help drive sales and conversions.

Add FAQs

Frequently asked questions related to a product help as they provide visitors with the information they need to make an informed decision about the product. Also, FAQs help in getting better visibility on search engines.