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Social Media Content Writing

The importance of social media in scaling up your business needs no explanation. With digital penetration expanding exponentially, if your brand does not leverage the various social media platforms well, you might be losing the game to your competitors.

You may think that why hire a professional social media writing services when you can do it by yourself? You are right in thinking so, but imagine when you yourself create content for days, weeks and months, you will fall short on ideas and might not be able to focus on your business.

Having onboard an excellent and trusted social media content writing services team can help you foster your online presence and your brand voice heard. Content Acai’s team of perky writers saves your day by creating uber-cool content for every social media platform. You name a platform and our seasoned writers can help you create both organic as well as paid content for that- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumbler… and all that exists.

With the up-to-date and fresh approach of our seasoned writers Content Acai delivers you high-quality, relevant and engaging that speaks a tonne about your brand’s heart.

Importance of Social Media Writing Services For Your D2C & E-Commerce Brands

Builds Credibility

Posting well-researched content about your product on social media gains customers’ trust and helps build your brand’s credibility.

Moment Marketing

Taking advantage of recent trends and happening around is the cornerstone of moment marketing, creating engaging and relatable content about it helps in promoting your brand.

Caters Large Audience

Social media caters to a mass audience belonging to various age groups. Hence, leveraging social media content for your branding can help you make a place in the minds of large individuals.

Why Brands Rely On Us

  1. Timeliness
  2. Dedicated Project Manager
  3. Search Friendly Content
  4. 100% Human-written Content
  5. Plagiarism Free Content

Our Impeccable Social Media Content Writing Process Involves

  1. We start by optimising your profile
  2. Draft content strategy
  3. Define purpose i.e. How do you want to engage with your audience? Whether you want to direct your audience to an article or blog? Want to engage in a conversation? Or, Want to make them aware of your new product launch?
  4. Having understood the purpose, our expert social media writers draft engaging and quirky content that meets your purpose including high search volume keywords.
  5. On finalising the draft, our editor proofreads the content and suggests necessary edits.
  6. After final formatting and changes, the content is shared with you over email.

Being a subsidiary of a trusted D2C SEO agency, Digi Acai, our social media content writers are provided first-hand support by the SEO team in creating search-friendly content. We help you analyse the results through key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rate and engagement.

Join hands with us and witness your brand reach new heights. Get in touch with us at